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Increase in films shot in Edinburgh

How can you benefit from more films being shot in Edinburgh?

Date : 05/02/2015

Film Edinburgh, has reported an increase in the number of films shot in the area.

The Edinburgh film commission, which also covers East Lothian and the Scottish Borders, said 361 projects were completed in 2014 up 6% on the previous year, with an increase of 8% in production inquiries.

Productions included the BBC drama Murder and TV series Outlander, with the estimated economic impact up by 53% on last year and expected to reach £4.6m.

Film Edinburgh’s film manager Rosie Ellinson, told the BBC: “On average, we had around three productions filming every day last year. This equates to over 70 additional filming days compared to 2013."

A £125m film studio complex just outside Edinburgh could begin building as soon as November if a public consultation votes in its favour and it gets council planning permission.

Ms Ellison went on to say: "If this comes to fruition it will have a significant impact, increasing the number of large-scale, high-value productions that can base here, bringing employment and investment to the area."

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