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We are not affiliated with the Food Festival itself but are a fan site which provides news and reviews about it. Please search this website if you wish to learn more about festivals, food, meals, recipes and the East Midlands area.

There are plenty of locations you can stay at nearby. These historic cities in the area have many hotels and hostels you can stay in. It is also worth exploring the cities.


Local cities

Leicester has plenty to offer. Its castle and cathedral yearly attract numerous tourists from all over the world. The city has lately risen to fame since the body of former king of England, Richard III, was found under a car park. Lincoln is also famous for its cathedral. It contains a world-famous showground where you can watch horses racing as well as stately homes and a Roman trail.


The food festival celebrates the area's excellent local food cuisine, such as Leicestershire cheese and the array of food originating in Northampton. But it also seeks to celebrate food from around the world, including: Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, Turkish, Lebanese, Moroccan, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Mexican, South American as well as many other kinds of cuisine. This is a must-attend event for any foodie. Its location in the heart of England places it in one of the best locations possible. Too often people complain of food-based events being centred in London, alienating people who live outside of the Home Counties. This festival seeks to met everyone's needs.

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Welcome to East Midlands Food Festival

Food, fun and recipes here at the East Midlands Food Festival fansite...

We are not affiliated with the East Midlands Food Festival. We are simply interested in news about the food festival, the area and food itself!


Are you interested in food?

Malayalam cuisine is a key part to the festival. The list of foreign food recipes is growing in this cuisine day by day. Thai, Arabic, Italian, Mexican food recipes all have become hot favorites of Malayalam people. Many number of desi snacks have been expelled from the restaurants and homemade recipes. These growing numbers of foreign food recipes are accessible at the click of the mouse and cookery shows on television day by day.

New recipes have brought along with it adulterated and unhealthy food practices and it is the main cause of concern for them. In the packet food recipes, from 'idli-dosa' dough to pickles and instant 'chappathi' and 'payasam', threat of unhealthy and non-complimentary combinations looms large. Use of excess chemicals to make the products last longer, entry of new types recipes of sweets in the market that contain heavy doses of sucrose and citric acid, fruits that are no longer restricted to seasons and are available throughout the year- are all signboards to adulteration.


The East Midlands

England’s East Midlands’ economy is showing great signs of recovery and keeps offering businesses everything it needs to succeed in the UK.

Our region has an excellent track record for attracting world-class companies in the transport, healthcare, food and drink, and environmental sectors – Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Bombardier and AstraZeneca have all chosen the region for their headquarters.

And the reasons for this? The East Midlands offers a very cost competitive environment, supported by world leading R&D activities, a highly skilled workforce and a wide range of available properties. The region is at the centre of the UK transport network and offers a fantastic quality of life. In short, it is the perfect environment for flourishing business.


This festival combines an exciting diversity of food with the fantastic setting of the East Midlands.

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