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Celebrate Scotland’s finest blends

Brewing and Distilling is the Year of Food & Drink 2015 theme for March

Date : 25/02/2015

Next month, the Year of Food and Drink 2015 continues its celebration of all things tasty and Scottish, with the monthly theme for March: Brewing and Distilling. With the production of not only whisky but also handcrafted beers and gins going through a revival in Scotland, why not inspire your customers and promote some of the fantastic drams that are right on your doorstep?

Brewing the unforgettable

2015 is the Year of Food and Drink – a year dedicated to celebrating, promoting and supporting Scotland’s fantastic local produce.

March’s theme aims to pay homage to Scotland’s breweries and distilleries, so why not entice your guests in from the cold to enjoy some of the country’s best whiskies, gins or beers?

The history and romance of Scotland’s whisky story is much-loved the world over, so it could be the perfect opportunity to introduce themed events into your service offering and give your guests something extra special. Whisky tastings, trails, distillery tours or even incorporating local malts into your menu are all ways that you can capture your customers’ interest while also promoting home-grown produce and boosting sales.

And it’s not just whisky. The production of handcrafted gins and beers has grown substantially across Scotland over the last few years, providing a great opportunity for your guests to experience new and unusual flavours while you support local suppliers.

Planning and support

There are many ways to get involved in the Year of Food and Drink, and whether you’re planning a themed activity, developing an online campaign or simply looking to source local produce, there is a wealth of support available to help you get started.

The Year of Food and Drink Toolkit includes useful information on everything from funding and support to guidance on promotions, images and itineraries for food and drink events and trails taking place across Scotland.

There’s also a food map and seasonality calendar available to highlight what’s in season and where to source Scottish produce.

Find out more about upcoming themes and how your business can get involved with the Monthly Themes Guide.

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