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Scotland’s rich cultural history and passion for celebration make it a natural centre for events, festivals and cultural tourism

Events, festivals and cultural tourism in Scotland

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Events and festivals have become a tourism priority, offering a fantastic marketing opportunity to attract more visitors


Virtually every visitor to Scotland will experience our culture in some form – perhaps through a visit to one of our museums or galleries, or by sampling an authentic food or nature experience, or by attending one of our renowned festivals or larger-scale events. For tourism businesses, these experiences provide a unique platform to exceed visitor expectations and give them lasting memories.

According to the industry strategy outlined in Tourism Scotland 2020 – The future of our industry, in our hands, events and festivals have become a tourism priority, offering a fantastic marketing opportunity to attract more visitors and encourage them to spend more and stay longer. It is the perfect time for tourism businesses to get involved with cultural events and experiences, and this guide will highlight why you need to act now.


The Scots certainly know how to throw a good party, and we're world famous for being warm and welcoming hosts


Top Tips:
your celebration checklist

1. Know what's happening in your area and beyond.
2. Don't forget 'cultural tourism' in your are because they are also an important part of Scotland's creative offering.
3. Organise staff familiarisation trips for events and cultural opportunities in your area.
4. Look out for VisitScotland's marketing opportunities, especially upcoming events in the 'Winning Years' campaign.


The 'Winning Years'

VisitScotland is running the 'Winning Years' campaign, which spans a three-year period from 2012-2014 and includes a series of themed years and national events, which are geared towards giving past and potential visitors compelling reasons to visit.

Working with others to benefit everyone!

Communicate what is going on in the area. Give people a reason to stay longer and spend more.

Whether a tourism business or event organiser/cultural provider, try consider what you can do to work together effectively.

If you are a food and drink provider there are fantastic opportunities to get involved with events and grow your business.

Remember that the larger upcoming events offer involvement opportunities, but they also spawn smaller localised events which may offer you more tangible opportunities.

If you're planning an event of your own, your first consideration should be how to sell something your area already excels at.

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