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ETAG Technology Conference 2015 Qraqrbox

Video interview with creator of Qraqrbox

In this short video filmed at the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG) Technology Solutions for Tourism Conference 2015, we hear from Masih Derkani of Qraqrbox. The digital company creates discreet wireless units which can deliver information about locations such as maps and sounds to nearby mobile users.  

The event which is now its fifth year brings technology and tourism businesses together to identify opportunities to use technology to ensure they meet the changing expectations of Scotland’s digital tourist.

Being able to access online information has become an automatic expectation of today’s digital tourist, so it’s vital to ensure your business is always connected, as Masih explains.

Commenting on the importance of online communication, and how Qraqrbox is resolving this issue, Masih said:

“Many more applications for technology are now available, and the ETAG event opens up lots of opportunities to find out about technological applications which you’ve never heard of before. The information is presented in such a transparent and fluid way.

Digital technology is developing rapidly and the tourism industry needs to adapt and capitalise on these changes, find out more by reading the Tourism Intelligence Scotland’s guide to Five Trends of the Digital Tourist.