Future growth potential of golf tourism to 2020

This report presents SQW’s forecasts for the volume and value of golf tourism from 2010 to 2015 and then to 2020.

Over the next ten years consultees expected to see the largest changes in visitor numbers from European countries (Germany, France, Holland), from emerging markets (India and China) and to a lesser extent North America and Scandinavia. 

Prospects for growth from within the UK and other more established golf markets were considered to be weaker. However it is important to remember that the UK is, and will continue to be, the largest market for golf tourism in Scotland. Although there is less scope for participation in golf to grow, there are opportunities to encourage more “staycations”.

Given the events that are happening over the next 10 years in Scotland on top of the base rate the growth shows an increase from £232 million, in 2010, to £300 million by 2020.

The report provides more detail on all of this information as well as detailing potential opportunities from the Ryder Cup 2014, packaging and on-line booking  and opportunities from Europe and emerging markets.