Wildlife tourism

Wild Rose Escapes

Using social media, Wild Rose Escapes manage to reach new customers with specialist knowledge.

Wild Rose Escapes, near Beauly, runs specialist outdoor holidays in the Highlands that provide alternative ways to explore nature and view wildlife.

As a small business, it has a limited budget for marketing, so it has to be creative about how it promotes the business. 

There is a blog on their website which aims to excite past and future visitors about local wildlife. It showcases images and videos from a wildlife camera that they have set up in the woods, capturing animals such as stags and pine martens during day and night.

They are also featured on Responsible Travel, which attracts visitors from overseas including US, Israel, Netherlands, Germany as well as the UK. 

They write articles and press releases using their specialist knowledge about wildlife and invite journalists to take part in activities. They also offer familiarisation visits for bed and breakfast operators so they can then sell the concept to their visitors.

Wild Rose Escapes also work with local businesses, cross promoting with leaflets, running joint events and creating packages. For example they are working with a local riding school on a new course offering ‘Felting Mongolian-style’ using horses. 

The business believes that by offering these truly different wildlife experiences they are competing more effectively, because discerning visitors want to try new things and have experiences that they can talk about when they get home.