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Maximillion talk about how their green approach helps them to cut down bills, and win new customers.

Maximillion is one of Scotland’s leading events management and team building companies - and has pioneered environmental and social responsibility within its industry since the firm’s formation 1989.

The company has set up a special 'Mission Green' pledge to operate sustainably and reduce the negative impacts of its business, events and products. It has also adopted a triple bottom line philosophy of 'people, planet and profit' to promote environmentally friendly principles, as well as a dedicated drive to reduce waste, increase recycling and encourage the re-use of resources.

Maximillion embarked on a carbon reduction programme aiming to reduce its carbon footprint from 26 tons in 2006 to zero by 2015. This was achieved a year early in 2014 through a combination of carbon saving initiatives and the generation of on site solar energy through a 36 Kw / 144 solar panel  array.  

Maximillion  have been accredited to the GTBS Gold standard since 2008 and are the only business within the GTBS UK wide network of over 2000 to have won the coveted Gold Star twice (2011 and 2013).

For their events, the firm also promotes its own environmental management system known as GEM or Greener Event Management.  This offers three levels for greening events:

  • GEM 1: What we will do regardless of the clients commitment. This covers the basics such as recycling and event transport
  • GEM2: This requires early engagement and collaboration with the client and builds on GEM 1 covering areas such as event location, venue, guest travel, food and drink. Pre event communications is included
  • GEM3: Extending on GEM 2, this level will measure the carbon foot print and explore offsetting options. Post event carbon reporting is included.

John Strachan comments

“Our sustainability initiatives have produced significant cost savings over the years and opened the door to clients who wish to have sustainability at the forefront of their events.  We are proud of what we have achieved over the years and will continue to build on this and improve our green “

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