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Sustainable businesses mean tourists will have an amazing country they can keep coming back to

Sustainable tourism business for dummies

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This small but powerful book is here to show you how easy it is for your business to go green

Sustainable Tourism

Packed full of useful information and tips on how to make your business sustainable through efficient resource management, cost-saving activities, working with the local community and utilising Scotland's advantages to the full. 

Embracing sustainable tourism not only helps to ensure the future of your business, but also the future of our beautiful and dynamic country.

The book presents you with an introduction to the kinds of actions you can take to be more sustainable and save money into the bargain.


The world-leading Climate Change (Scotland) Bill has introduced targets to reduce emission levels by at least 80 per cent by 2050 in Scotland

Sustainable Tourism

Energy efficient light bulbs last up to ten times longer than ordinary bulbs and a 100 watt energy-saving bulb can save you up to ??60 over the lifetime of the bulb

Sustainable Tourism

Toilets manufactured before 1991 can have a flush of up to 13 litres

To reduce the volume you can fit a flush adjuster. By placing a free bag of harmless crystals in your cistern you can reduce the flow by three litres every time.

Sustainable Tourism

By placing an aerator in your shower head you can reduce water usage by up to 70 per cent for a cost of around ??20

Maximise on the potential of your local area and community while minimising your impact on the natural environment to help make your business more profitable and attract more customers. 

This little guide is packed full of useful tips on how to adopt more sustainable practices into your business operations.

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