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Customer feedback is essential for your business and this guide can help you develop new ways to find out what customers think


Success stories show what can be achieved and how a business can transform both itself and at the same time help to transform the area where it is located.

Suddenly feedback is everywhere. It feels like we are often asked what we think of an experience before we have had it and before we have had time to gather our thoughts on the matter.

Most people are well aware that good service is key to a business's success. But they are perhaps less aware of the actual hard facts and also how the service that business owners and employess think they are giving is sometimes at odds with how a customer views it.


A satisfied customer will tell three or four people but a dissatisfied customer will tell nine people

Attitudes towards service excellent

There was an interesting
comparison made
between perceptions
of those giving the
service and those
receiving it.


It is estimated that 96 per cent of those who are dissatisfied with service say nothing, so you need to encourage them to do so. Don't presume that no news is good news.


The average business loses 20 per cent of their customer base every year and most don???t know why


Use the information you find to improve your service or product offering

Only 50 per cent of companies collecting feedback inform staff of findings, 30 per cent made decisions based on information and 10 per cent deployed and improved processes based on the findings.

This of feedback as a free form of consultancy. It is easy for people not to give feedback so you have to be clear on the benefits and persuade your visitors to 'tell you what they think'. It is, after all 'free consultancy', where they might tell you something you didn't know.

Our top tips will help you to identify what you could be doing and how to go about it in order to improve your offering.

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