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ETAG Technology Conference 2015 Future of Online Travel

Talk from the Head of Hospitality at Google UK

This video on ‘The Future of Online Travel’ was filmed at the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG) event - Technology Solutions For Tourism Conference 2015.

The event which is now its fifth year brings technology and tourism businesses together to identify opportunities to use technology to ensure they meet the changing expectations of Scotland’s digital tourist.

Terri Scriven the industry Head of Hospitality at Google UK speaks about the future of travel and inspiring and targeting the savvy consumer. Terri outlines key themes which are defining the travel journey i.e. researching, planning and booking.

Connectivity/use of mobile

  • mobile connectivity was 5% 3 years ago - now 50% overall searches happen on a mobile

  • 69% use smartphones for travel inspiration in ‘snacking moments’ before planning i.e. in spare time such as walking and commuting

  • 83% of leisure travellers have had a poor experience on a mobile travel site

  • 23% of those who have encountered issues on a mobile site continued planning on mobile

  • A poor mobile experience forces travellers to move elsewhere and has a negative impact on brand

  • 20% use a competitor site

  • 13% complain on social media

  • 13% stop using brand altogether

  • 19% tell friends and family

Wearables - are going to be used more often in the future such as Google Glass and the new Apple Watch – Terri explains these wearables allow visitors to ‘experience the venue without the technology getting in the way of the experience, i.e. rather than having to take out your phone and searching.’

Content personalisation – Terri highlighted a new website called Peek which offers personalised ideas based on your online behaviour i.e. the types of things you have searched for previously

Richer content in maps – for instance you can now book a hotel through Google maps, more and more businesses will begin to use the 360 degree tours offered by Google called the Google Business View

Virtual reality – the use of virtual reality is expected to increase over the next three years  

Video content as inspiration – Scottish stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill’s video riding on rocky ridges on Skye was shown to the audience as an example of the type of creative content which can be used to promote Scotland

Digital technology is developing rapidly and the tourism industry needs to adapt and capitalise on these changes, find out more by reading the Tourism Intelligence Scotland’s guide to Five Trends of the Digital Tourist.