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ETAG Technology Conference 2015 Edinburgh Airport

Video interview with Marketing Manager from Edinburgh Airport

In this short video we hear from Rob Lang from Edinburgh Airport who shares what he has learnt about technology at the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG) event - Technology Solutions for Tourism Conference 2015.

The event which is now its fifth year brings technology and tourism businesses together to identify opportunities to use technology to ensure they meet the changing expectations of Scotland’s digital tourist.

Edinburgh Airport’s Marketing Manager, Rob Lang, talks about the airport’s current use of technology and why it’s important to consider how to incorporate upcoming technology in the future. He said:

“This event allows us to learn about all the new technology available on the market and make sure we are at the cutting edge of working with Edinburgh city to ensure wherever the technology is being used, we can also integrate this into the airport.

“We currently use Apple iBeacon and lots of email and app technology, but it was really interesting to hear about future technology opportunities which will soon be available.   


“It’s vital to communicate the different technologies available to large businesses, such as the airport, all the way to SMEs, and ETAG is a phenomenal day for learning about this”.   

For the latest information on future opportunities, and what this means for your business going forward, check out Tourism Intelligence Scotland’s Scottish Tourism in the Future resource for tips on how to stay ahead of competitors.