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ETAG Technology Conference 2015 Cranachan and Crowdie

Video of Beth Edburg from Cranchan and Crowdie

In this short video, we hear from Beth Edburg from Cranchan and Crowdie, at the Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG) annual conference 2015 about what she has taken from the event.

The event which is now its fifth year brings technology and tourism businesses together to identify opportunities to use technology to ensure they meet the changing expectations of Scotland’s digital tourist.

Commenting on why she comes to ETAG conferences, Beth said: “Every ETAG event I have been to has been fantastic, the topics which interest me are very technology orientated but they are also very hands on. I always take away something away and meet new people which is helpful because collaborating is really great for small tourism businesses.”

Beth explains that the digital technology she currently uses within her business includes Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. She says on YouTube she uploads videos about her producers and on Twitter she aims to include the customers by taking photos of them once they have finished shopping and uploading their photos to Twitter.

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