Speaker Bonny Shapira: Cisco Live: An Event Case Study

Bonny Shapira, Content Programme Manager for Cisco Live, shares an event case study highlighting the importance of collaboration, technology and engaging effectively with your audience.

Bonny Shapira, Content Programme Manager for Cisco Live, leads a team of Cisco professionals responsible for the selection and creation of the educational sessions (breakouts, techtorials, panels, case studies). Bonny is also responsible for the Cisco Campus, bringing Cisco’s latest innovations and solutions together under a unified experience area.

Cisco Live is Cisco’s flagship annual technical training, networking and education event built around four pillars:

  • Technical Education
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Networking
  • Thought Leadership

In this video Bonny presents an event case study of the planning and execution of a Cisco Live event, offering valuable insights into partnership and team working, the use of technology to engage and listen to your audience, how to add value to your events and the importance of attention to detail and learning from mistakes.

Watch Bonny Shapira’s presentation at the Business Tourism Scotland Conference 2013 here: