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Sea angling in Scotland

Welcoming coastal communities offering accommodation are crucial to the continued success of sea angling in Scotland.

Sea angling is a popular activity in Scotland with people fishing in a number of different locations and catching a wide variety of fish. Sea anglers will go fishing as long as there’s a chance of catching something.  

Scotland has a lot of potential for sea angling. A varied and beautiful coastline, many different species of fish and sheltered coastal waters all make an appealing picture for sea anglers.

Welcoming coastal communities offering accommodation are crucial to the continued success of sea angling in Scotland.

Big Picture.

There are 125,188 adults sea angling in Scotland each year. 23,445 young people take part in sea angling, so the hobby has a wide appeal across different age groups with the younger generation learning from their parents. This all suggests an activity which will continue for years to come.

Although men are six times more likely than women to go fishing, women and families often go along for a day out. Angling may bring people to an area but information about other things to do will encourage them to stay longer.

The average angler fishes for 12 days a year, but some enthusiasts fish for up to 300 days a year. The number of fish caught varies massively from angler to angler.

Although the average a sea angler spends on the activity each year is £1,516, young people can spend as little as £50 while people who own their own boats can spend up to £10,000.

Opportunities for Businesses

Anglers are willing to travel as long as there is a chance of catching fish.  Affordable accommodation with space to store their equipment and cook their catch is essential.

Anglers need information about how fish stocks are in the area – businesses that can supply the insider information about what’s out there waiting to be caught will always be popular.

Anglers with their own boats need places to moor them help with maintenance and possibly somewhere buy kit and supplies for their boat.

Anglers need fishing rods, line and bait. There will always be opportunities to sell these things close to popular angling sites.

Anglers spend all day outdoors so they will be hungry and possibly wet and cold too. There are plenty of opportunities for businesses to offer accommodation, food and clothes drying facilities to anglers.

Things you should know

Anglers are a pretty diverse group of people. They come from all social classes, both genders and all age groups. What they do have in common is the desire to travel to catch fish.  

Angling is a cheap and easy sport to start, and with 43 per cent of Scotland’s population living with five km of the coast there is always potential for growth.

If you remember one thing

Sea angling is a popular activity and sea anglers will go where they will find fish to catch. Make sure they have the welcome and facilities to back this up.