Holiday planning and booking process

This new report by Mintel analyses market trends and consumer attitudes towards the holiday planning and booking process, investigating the core market factors, key players, products and innovations in the industry.

Summary findings

Over half of consumers are primarily price-driven in their holiday planning and ease of online price comparison reinforces this. However, rising holiday costs will squeeze margins tighter, making it harder for operators to appeal on price alone.

Nevertheless, traditional notions of personalisation, the human touch and expert advice are potentially of more value than ever. Demand for pre-bookable holiday extras offers large scope, with many consumers seeking hasslefree holidays. 

Even those who are confident, self-sufficient planners and bookers will still benefit from more sophisticated online tools. In all, there are plenty of opportunities for brands to innovate and differentiate themselves from the competition, despite the tough conditions.

What this means for your business

With the overseas holiday market still under pressure, there are significant opportunities for UK businesses to attract more ‘staycation’ business.

Like overseas holidaymakers, UK visitors are also shopping around, looking for great value for money. However they are prepared to pay for a great experience that meets their needs and expectations. Think about what ‘added extras’ your target market might appreciate and could make you stand out from the crowd.

Review your website’s accessibility – where does your business feature on the major search engines?

Make use of the latest technology, including social media, to enhance your marketing reach.

Think about how you could bring a more ‘personal touch’ to bookings and enquiries.