Scotland swings into action for the Ryder Cup 2014

Find out what support is available for tourism businesses in the run up to the 2014 Ryder Cup.

The Ryder Cup is recognised as the third biggest sporting event in the world in terms of TV/media coverage (after The Olympics and The World Cup) so the world’s eyes will be on Auchterarder in 2014.

Around 45,000 visitors are expected to attend for each of the six days of the event. There will be a higher proportion of overseas visitors than at most other golf events, and these will be predominantly US visitors – so spend will be higher.

It is important that businesses don’t view The Ryder Cup as being the only golf event to reap business benefit from. Golf tourism in Scotland is a market that can provide many ongoing business opportunities, and businesses who take part can build their experience and expertise in other golf events in the run up to and beyond 2014.

In the immediate run up to the event in 2014, there will definitely be opportunities for other accommodation providers.

Steps you can take now

Businesses interested in getting involved in the Ryder Cup (and other major events coming to Scotland) should register with Business Club Scotland. 

Also, visit EventScotland to keep informed about which golf tournaments are taking place each year in the run up to 2014.

To widen your networking/business horizons, why not join Golf Tourism Scotland and play your own part in enhancing Scotland’s reputation as a world-class golfing destination

Are your business efforts at being ‘golf friendly’ going unrecognised? If so, why not join VisitScotland’s Golfers Welcome Scheme.