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A climate change warm up

Find out how to prepare your business for the effects of climate change in five steps with the help of the UK Climates Impacts Programme.

According to research, the earth’s temperature will rise by as much as 4ºC by the end of this century. We are already seeing the effects in rising CO2 concentrations, temperatures, and sea levels. 

Adapting to climate change impacts is necessary for all businesses, which is why UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) has developed an ‘Adaptation Wizard’ to help guide you through the process.

Climate change adaptation wizard

The Wizard gives you the what, why and how of climate change and how it can affect your business.

Planning your adaptation will always be more effective and cost-efficient than reacting after an event – think of unpredictable extreme weather like floods or storms. 

The five step tool will help you assess your vulnerability, identify options to address the real risks, and begin the process of developing a climate change adaptation strategy.