Orkney Tourism Group

Find out how the Orkney Tourism Group is using market intelligence to improve the quality of Orkney as a destination.

Orkney Tourism Group was established in 2005 with the aim of sustaining and developing tourism on the island. 

The group is particularly aware of the importance of market intelligence as a driver and uses regular local visitor surveys to identify factors that are important for the growth of Orkney tourism and to guide future policy.

Four short surveys are carried out each season, themed around: 

  • shopping
  • eating out
  • transport
  • things to see and do

As well as gathering information, the surveys also provide vital feedback on the quality of the visitor experience. 

For example, the ‘out and about’ survey identified that visitors were struggling to find their way round the island. As a result the group joined forces with Orkney Islands Council to set up a working group to look at, and improve, signposting on the island.

An annual ‘Seasonal Review’, carried out with businesses, provides comparator information enabling the group to benchmark how the season has been. Data from both surveys is shared with industry at the annual Orkney Tourism Conference.

The information gathered from the surveys enables the group to successfully identify product and service gaps in Orkney’s tourism offer, and to develop new initiatives to better meet visitor needs and expectations.