Date - 30.05.2013

Business to business intelligence sharing sessions

Why not try this useful way of sharing and discussing market intelligence with local businesses in your sector?

A variation on the tried and tested ‘book club’ format, a group of Edinburgh-based operators has been meeting once a month for a peer-to-peer discussion. 

Having first read the same piece of intelligence or research. Each member talks through their experience of the subject and then shares feedback on what works for them and what doesn’t with the others. 

After the discussion, each member decides what they are going to do differently and these ‘tasks’ are then reviewed at the start of the following meeting.

Emma Black from the Surgeon’s Hall Museum in Edinburgh says:

"I've found the sessions really useful - a great combination of learning from the intelligence itself, and learning from the discussion about it with other attractions.  

"As a result, we are changing several things about the way we are collecting feedback from visitors, and are reconsidering how we set about giving children and the family market a really good visitor experience."

Ten ways to make this work for you

The format works best with a group of nine or ten businesses from the same sector and geographic area.

A chairperson should be appointed to send round reminders, write up a few key notes and make sure that everyone has a turn to speak.

Meetings should be hosted by each member of the group in turn.

Set a time-frame, such as six meetings.

Agree a regular time and date slot that works for the group.

A reasonable mix of businesses works well. The energy level of the participants is more important than the turnover.

It is vital to invite people with experience, and therefore something to offer.

Build in some commitments to action after each session, ideally by including them into the meeting notes.

Choose relevant research in advance. Get hold of hard copies, or circulate a link.