Portsoy Salmon Bothy

Banff Coast Tourism Partnership

When Canadian Jim decided to explore his Banffshire roots, local tourism businesses joined forces to ensure he got the most out of his time in the area.

Having established that the family had moved from Portsoy to Buckie before emigrating, ancestral researcher Alison Smith was able to recommend quality accommodation in both centres.

Equipped with maps of the area highlighting the relevant addresses, Jim was able to visit all the locations which his ancestors had known and take photos of them to share with his Canadian family.

Census records showed that one of his relatives had become a baker in Buckie and at Alison’s suggestion, Jim visited Buckie Heritage Centre, where he was thrilled to find a wealth of additional information about the family business.

Moving along the coast to Portsoy, where earlier generations had been employed in salmon fishing, Jim headed for the restored Salmon Bothy and its museum for an authentic insight into the life of salmon fishers in days gone by. 

A programme of special events which coincided with his stay gave Jim a unique opportunity to hear about the experience of modern salmon fishermen, to reconnect with his roots through their stories of times past and to enjoy a sense of community with the folk of Portsoy.

Alison says: “The success of Jim’s visit can be put down to effective communication between members of the Banffshire Coast Tourism Partnership.

"Collaboration by accommodation providers, heritage centres, event organisers and research services ensured a genuine Scottish welcome for Jim”.

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